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[spapad] Monday, August 31, 2009 9:09:09 PM 
Not bad at all WAI! the studs are not so hard you just have to keep the light source in mind. You render like I do. I prefer to render. My philosophy is to make it as real to a photo as I can get it, and that's just my M.O. I really like this! Just watch the lips, work from the inside out and avoid the lines at the outer edges, something I did alot when I was young too.

I need to start drawing again. Problem is, I wonder how much what my dog Bella did to me in a fit of seizure is going to play into my style. My handwriting is ruined. She bit into my thumb while I was trying to put pills down her throat and she started seizing again. The sound was that of a dog biting into a chicken bone. I had to still use that thumb to write while it healed and since then, my thumb has the fexiblity but I've lost the natural way I would hold a writing instrument and shall have to retrain myself.

Sketches like Becks does is different but she does capture the emotion and expressions very well.
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