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[guidogodoy] Sunday, August 23, 2009 3:03:03 PM 
I know I am just feeding the flames to some shitdisturber with deaf ears on this one but I simply cannot stop myself. Hellrider is right. I just listened to this whole vid. While I like Beyond Fear (and ANYTHING Tim does to get out from JP / Iced Earth backup singer), I find this song to be mediocre at best. Lyrics are weak, tune is weak. He is so easy to predict vocally it isn't funny. Really grating to MY ears. No need to even comment that he moves about the stage like someone warming up for Ultimate Fighting.

While cranking out a 7 mile run yesterday, I had on Sin after Sin. Compare Owens to Halford in, say, "Here Comes the Tears." Not metal for metal, of course, but lyrics and, even more EMOTION! Owens couldn't handle that range on his best day. Low to those piercing highs and a lead-in to "Dissident Agressor?!"

Halford is operatic. You'd be (and in many opinions ARE) a fool to think otherwise.
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