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TOPIC: Rob Halford or Tim Owens
[metalmaz] Thursday, August 20, 2009 12:39:30 PM 
I bought Priest Live In london recently. Up until then the only Ripper era songs I'd heard were the ones on the Priest box set 

I was pleasantly surprised by Live In London. I think Tim did a steller job on a lot of the songs (and on this album he sings Painkiller far far better than Rob does in A Touch Of Evil Live). He's also great on The Ripper (to be expected!) I like his versionof The Sentinal as well.

But songs like Breaking The Law, Metal Gods and Victim Of Changes are so unique to Rob and it's hard to accept anyone else singing them. 

However, I've got a lot of time for Tim. He held the fort well and I admire him a lot. The two Iced Earth albums he sung on were great  and I was sorry when he got ousted. The follow up album with Barlow back was poor.

I'm glad Tim is doing his own stuff. He's got the talent not to be a hired hand.    
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