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TOPIC: Rob Halford or Tim Owens
[Angelic Storm] Thursday, August 20, 2009 9:27:37 AM 
I would agree with you that Nostradamus isn't classic Priest. Well, some songs I would place in that category, but not the whole album. Priest have always been about pushing the boundaries though, and being unpredictable. And in that sense, Nostradamus IS classic Priest, because it continues in that tradition. I dunno how you can use that as an arguement though, when neither Jugulator or Demolition are classic Priest either. I love both albums, but they are not classic Priest. I am a Priest fangirl, I wouldnt deny that, especially when it comes to Priest with Halford. But I still appreciate the Ripper albums very much. Halford however, is and always will be, the definitive voice of Priest, and only with him in the band are they something truly special.
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