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TOPIC: British Steel album & 30th Anniversary Tour
[tshoffie] Sunday, August 16, 2009 11:16:39 PM 
i know people are gonna probably hate me for this but i was very dissappointed with priest ...having just got back from tampa...the band played well it was just Rob didnt seem all there tonight  he was slow very slow on stage  he seemed like he didnt have any energy whatsoever and in fact in some songs he seemed to stumble over the lyrics..i maybe called Crazy but British Steel is one of my least Fave albums priest has done... dont get me wrong i do like  some of the songs on that album a great deal but i would have prefered to see them play alot more of thier other stuff  from   Screaming for  Vengence   Stained Class    hell bent for leather and others...and especially more from nostradamus   but hey you cant win em all..... and  having to endure the pain that was popevile...for the life of me i dont know why priest even considered them  to open for them
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