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TOPIC: Popularity?
[guidogodoy] Saturday, August 15, 2009 10:48:31 PM 
I am even with you on Justice. While there are some songs that I absolutely cherish (wait....let me pull out the album...): Blackened, ummm...Shortest Straw, I can't tell you how much it hurt when they just didn't "let loose" with something like Harvester of Sorrow.

Check this out. I even bought this stupid double CD just for Metallica's version of "Stone Cold Crazy!" Don't know if it shows through the pic but I spent almost $30 for Michael Feinstein, John Zorn, FASTER FUCKIN' PUSSYCAT and some 17 others for one song!! Yeah, I WAS a diehard fan. Makes me wanna puke now. On that note, anyone want a couple of unreleased Tracy Chapman songs? HAAAAA!!!!

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