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TOPIC: Glenn Tipton Song Meaning
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Wednesday, August 12, 2009 12:17:12 AM 
GREAT question!! Seriously, I've wondered the same thing for quite a while myself. I also read that Glenn's dad was sick and sadly passed away. I read an interview with Glenn and they asked about Close to You and he said it's about losing someone close to you, but he never discussed it any further. Then I read some message to Glenn about the song and it said he was sorry about Glenn's wife passing away and what a beautiful song he wrote for her. I looked into it, but could never find out anything about Glenn's wife. I noticed back during the Demolition period, Glenn wasn't wearing that silver pinky ring anymore.... don't know if that was his wedding ring, but he always wore it before.

One thing that I very much admire about Priest is that they keep their private lives PRIVATE. I haven't even heard Glenn mention his wife's name or the names of his 2 children. I'd love to know the answer to this question too, but I doubt it's written any place and I think we have heard some of the same rumors. Let me know if you find out!!

I love this song, it's really beautiful and touching. Every time I try to sing it, I end up crying right at the part  "And as I stand here by the grave.... and the wind calls out your name, I know that time will never heal, the emptiness I feel". Glenn outdid himself on this one!
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