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TOPIC: A Story I Think you Should Here
[Coyote Bongwater] Tuesday, August 11, 2009 10:14:43 PM 
i was at rockest the day school ended,,, and first little event i was in the front for shine down,, well i've never been at a concert that didn't have seats before this, well i was not aware that in the front people like to push from the back suffocating everyone in the front, well i got trampled and someone picked me up and i got thrown over the barricade,, well they let me back in the park still so while i make it down to drowning pool on the other stage, conveniently "bodies" came on, (and this is the part that ruined my night) some 6'4 somoan guy took things too far, i'm only 5'6,, this dick picked me up and i got eye contact with drowning pools singer and that somoan slammed me on the grouned,, that was a night ender tthere
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