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TOPIC: A Touch Of Evil Live reviews
[I.M.P.] Sunday, August 09, 2009 8:17:19 PM 
Maybe Hell Patrol and Hellrider would have been a little redundant sounding.  I do agree with you on Riding on the Wind being a bit out of place.

I hate to sound like an ungrateful fan, but it seems that it'd be real bitchen to play a mini suite off of Nostradamus like Sands of Time/Persecution instead of Death or Prophecy like they're playing now.  The build up from Sands to Persecution would be a real killer way to start a show, as opposed to Death, which just seems anti-climatic in a way (to my ears)...  Prophecy being played live now-eh...not my favorite, and practically everyone I've talked to thought the chorus was pretty hilarious at first listen.  I'm "biased" here, as Persecution is probably one of my favorite Priest songs ever, even if I can't sing along to half of it, LOL!  It's just so freaking strong.  This live album is growing on me though, most likely the "high" I got off of seeing Priest recently.

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