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TOPIC: Help Me .........Please
[metalroxx] Wednesday, August 05, 2009 1:51:09 PM 
I appreciate all the help from you metal heads. So far can't find anything less than $300.00 :(  I am lucky if i can afford half of that right now. It is kind of funny though how you go to multiple web sites for tix and they all seem to have the same tix (row, section, seats, etc) available for various prices. It really sucks. I was hoping to get my soon to be 11 yr old to see his first show of one of his newest favorite bands. Damn, i miss the old school days of camping out for tix at your local music store. Atleast you got a ticket(s) and didn't have to sell your first born to do it. I will continue to monitor if anyone comes up with anything cheaper. Again, thanks for the Metal Army's help. Rock on Ya'll!!!
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