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[spapad] Saturday, July 18, 2009 5:11:17 AM 
They are really not bad Kiamat. You need to work on shading. Make it more supple to the eye. The big thing is to remember No one in life has a magic black line drawn around their body. Shade the background to avoid using heavy lines on your figure. As for the face, that is something that takes time and study. Get the eyes right, first. Shading is much more supple on the face and just like people don't have lines drawn around them neither do lips, always work from the inside out and avoid drawing a line on the outer boudaries of the lips.  Good Luck, you are doing well. You have the makings of a good artist if you study just a little more. I hope you don't find my comments abrasive as I only tell you these things to help you, forgive me if you feel I overstepped my boundaries.
I do like what you have done, and I see much possibility to do much more!

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