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TOPIC: 1 year ago today since we first heard Nostradamus
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, July 15, 2009 3:24:52 PM 

Well.....yeah Ron I guess I can see your point........but if they are going to create an experimental album like Turbo,Demolition or Nostradamus........

I wish they would make "2 albums in the studio"...and release them 6 months apart from each other.....that way us rivit headed iron dogs that  crave

heavy metal can get our fix from our favorite band!!!    I just hate it when they do an experimental album because its going to be about a 3 year wait

before the next album comes out and I freaking hate that!   They released Defenders Of The Faith in 1984 and it was 6 years before we all got an

album that was a what I like to call a "normal heavy metal album" from Judas Priest when they released Painkiller in 1990.........................

Then they release "Jugulator" in 1997 and even if some don't like the album it was a heavy metal album in the vien of Painkiiler.......

And then it took them 4 years just to release the experimental "Demolition" album........then Rob comes back and releases "Angel Of Retribution"

and then it takes 3 years just to release the experimental "Nostradamus"?   Thats what bothers me the most.  Judas Priest's next studio album

HAS TO BE one of thier best records ever or else they will not be filling concert seats for very much longer.......thier heavy metal fans want some

traditional classic oldschool blood pumping fist raising screaming heavy metal mayhem just for our forum member and my good friend THE HELLRIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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