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TOPIC: 1 year ago today since we first heard Nostradamus
[Russian Priest] Friday, July 10, 2009 9:58:59 AM 

J.D., I've read this post and cannot agree. I like "Turbo" too much, it's one of the most favourite albums to me. It sounds perfect and has wild energy, always blows my mind away. Yes, there is some glam-rock sources, but it's not a problem for JP - every album they do something special, and do not plagiat from themselves. 

Turbo lover - great song with great atmosphere created by good-choosen sound effects, perfect refrain that sends shivers down my spine! Perfect work!
Private property - I like this song executing live! Good choice to head-bang "Hands up! Ooo-ooo!" When they played it in Moscow 2005, I think it was the best their perfomance on that show.
Rock you all around the world - great fast song!
Out in the cold - a masterpiece! Unbelievable song! Great mix of hopelessness, male firmness, unrequited love and coldness that reproduces in every sound, in every note. One of the best priest's songs ever.
WIld nights - good riffs, good lyrics ;) perfect refrain to sing together! Real rock-hymn of 80's!

And all other songs are also very-very good! Don't understand why you think so, but you should write "IMO" in your post, no doubt.

About "Nostradamus":
Every time I enjoy this album. I think JP showed us how old-school heavy metal music should develops. They didn't make anything new with song's compositions, it were the same classic riffs, but they did new approach to songs: new arrangements, new ideas, new sounding, new sences, new instruments, new vision... a lot of "new" in old genre. They've opened our eyes to see "Heavy metal has not died and there are too many horizons in our favourite genre". That's why I like this album. My respect to JP for it. Hope in next album they will do big work and we'll see something special again

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