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TOPIC: Wrestling--sports entertainment
[pip] Thursday, July 09, 2009 8:11:06 AM 
Kane is still wrestling believe it or not !!--He's mainly on Friday night wrestling Smackdown--I've watched wrestling since I was a litlle girl & there are new faces here & there ( alot of new faces )
My favorite is Triple H--The Undertaker ranks up there too
Stone Cold Steve Austin had to retire because Owen Hart  did a piledriver on him & Steve's head was too low --had 3 neck surgeries & decided to retire 
When I was younger I liked The Rock N Roll Express--Ric Flair--Dusty Rhodes & I was madly in love with Nikita Koloff
Bruno Sammartino -My dad & I met him in Baltimore --we stayed at the same hotel he did --got pics & autographs & he was just the nicest person ever
Kane lost his mask in a match against Rey Mysterio--mask vs mask--that's when I discovered Kane was bald & it was just a wig--Kane had a meet & greet about 10 years ago when he still had his mask --Got my pic taken with him & his autograph for $20 --me & 3 of my nieces went & we had the time of our lives --of course all he could do back then was grunt--many nice memories--sorry for babbling but I could talk about wrestling for years !!
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