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[CountessErzebethBathory9] Wednesday, July 08, 2009 9:07:53 AM 
Forged Steel/Faithful Defenders...

First Guido, u are an impressive art designer..the front /back cover is Awesome..dont know if everyone had the same back cover,but mine is a bit different than my son..mine is upside own and i luv it..Original.....All the songs are well sung and not a expert on writing reviews but i know what i luv and that ALBUM KICK ASS!!!

DF ur voice is AMAZING...and also all of the other guys too...AWESOME Playing..U know ur stuff when it comes to Judas Priest music...We all of course have our fav are..Wheels of Fire/Judas Rising/Hell Patrol but they re all are favorites u cant really choose only one or 2..

My son wants to tell u that he enjoyed ur album too..some of his friends listened  to it and they said U ROCK! GUYS!!
He also has some fav ..Between the Hammer and the Anvil/Forever Young/Demonizer/The Rage..
All in all thanx for giving us a KICK in the BUTT ALBUM!!! Ur really are Talented!! Glad to know u all!!
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