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TOPIC: Nos. will b appreciated more when its outa the way
[J.D. DIAMOND] Saturday, July 04, 2009 9:14:14 PM 

LOL! Thats cool my friend....I wan't saying that you can't create a thread,but I've noticed for some reason...when there are too many threads about the similar subject...some people don't get to see/read what you are trying to say...cause they get overwhealmed with too many threads but if a subject gets put in an already existing gets more of a response....just an observation.

I don't care how many threads are on here,I was just saying that not everybody will get your point the more threads there this excellent topic....

Since it is already created...I think that Nostradamus may be more appreciated when the new album hits the shelves because I think with the new album...

it will be more of a classic heavy metal album for fans to thrive on,then after they have been thriving on it...they can reflect back to Nostradamus and try to see the "art" behind it's creation.

Right now....too many old school fans are hungry for a wolve hungry for blood!!


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