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TOPIC: Discuss Judas Priest Tours
[Deep Freeze] Friday, July 03, 2009 6:32:27 PM 
I honestly believe that he does love the fans. No doubt about it. The man is no fool. He knows that the fans are what keep him paid! It is not so much that he does not care for the fans as it SEEMS that he does not care for the Priest gig. Now, I keep saying this is only an opinion!!! I mean, he may very well be elated to be touring with Priest night in and night out. It just seemed to me that he was going through the motions, as it were. That he would rather be doing something else..or maybe WITH someone else?

He has his own material...a Record company...various other interests. Perhaps he has reached the point where Priest (for him) has run its course? I am not sure and I do NOT want this to turn into some kind of silly rumor mill. It is merely an observation. I hope I am WAAAAAAY off on this! I love the Priest and Rob. I really do. Its just that, during the last few shows I have seen, he did not seem the same.
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