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TOPIC: Discuss Judas Priest Tours
[Bluddy Hell] Friday, July 03, 2009 4:31:40 PM 
Glenn was having some technical difficulties in Indy as well.  He seemed quite peeved and his tech was scurrying back and forth trying to get his guitars lined out. 

The Rage:  I noticed that all members of the band seemed to really enjoy performing "The Rage".  There were alot of smiles up on stage and they were throwing shapes with extra enthusiasm.  They really looked like they were having a blast!  I think it was the best song of the set.

Rob:  A disapointment after the show.  Rob went straight to the bus and left without acknowledging anyone waiting to see him.  The rest of the band spent quite a bit of time mingling and autographing and posing for pics.  Scott was the standout to the faithful waiting for a glimpse, he came and went several times before and after the show taking a few minutes each time to hang out with his fans.  He was showing off his female companions to the small crowd outside, enjoying the attention!  He later said they were just friends and family.

Here's the link to my Indy pics, some are quite's hard to get the guys to stand still long enough on stage to get the good pics!
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