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TOPIC: Looks like next album will be "real strong HM"
[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, July 02, 2009 4:01:11 PM 
Well,wait until the mighty "Hellrider" sees this thread!   I think that the band will deliver a strong heavy metal masterpeice....the pressure is on them to deliver one and not that they don't like Nostradamus...they do like Nostradamus...but they are not going to make a Nostradamus part 2 for god's sake...they will be creating a heavy metal masterpiece for us fans to thrive on.The only down fall to this that we might have to wait untill 2011 to get this new album.

2 more years to wait for this next studio album from Judas Priest.The rest of this year will be playing the British Steel tour and next year 2010 will be spent touring Nostradamus....and maybe at the tail end of 2010...they will begin working on the new album for 2011.  A long time to wait,but hopefully it will be Judas Priest's best album of all time with every track top notch.
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