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[guidogodoy] Monday, June 29, 2009 7:48:47 PM 
You know, Spa, I wish I could give you a simple answer. The shot pictured was taken with a 7.1 mega Canon "point and shoot" but I also took shots with a Nikon I have at work where I took all the pictures. Sorry, no model number here as I am at home. As I lugged in all four guitars + drumsticks (not used), I took a LOT of shots. I do believe I used the Canon shots, though.

As for software, it is even more complicated. I did most on a Mac shelling out to Windows / Photoshop Elements. Finding that Elements didn't do what I wanted, I went to a full version of Photoshop. Lots of back and forth with Mac, though. Colors, for example, were easier in Mac than Windows but I run both on this machine so I am just dragging and dropping. Isolating the guitars (from the STAND sucked!) was just a grind and easier with Photoshop. Only had a PC version, thus the shelling out to Win from OSX. 

Final product was started with a limited then expanded to full version of Disc Cover for Mac. CD art and text, especially, as it was easier to wrap both to the physical needs of the CD jewel / round CD itself with diameter for the hole. Had to dump both from jpg to pdf on the fly, though, as I could only see defects with the "non-flattened" image once printed. CDs were printed from a jpg while all else was a pdf using windows. 60lb paper as I found photo paper would crack too much when folded.

There. The simple explanation. I'll save the more technical parts for the DVD. Rest assured that it included breaking out all JP + previous FD cover art, other CDs I liked, downloading the proper JP font pack and reading the excellent article on cover art over on KK's site!
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