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[guitardude] Thursday, June 25, 2009 4:59:50 PM 
OK , Here is part 2 of my review for tracks 8 thru 13.
The Rage.. The opening bass lines are so very crisp, felt like I was sitting in front of the bass amp. The vocals are spot on and the guitar tones vintage with an edge.

Delivering the Goods.. another of my personal favs, cranked it up in the car and rocked all the way home, the drivers next to me ,must have thought I was having a spasm attack!!!!

Metal Gods.. What can I say, MM your guitar work is extraordinary, that is not an easy song to pull off!!, But one question, why no cutlery bouncing at the end!!????

Never Satisfied.. killer guitar work and haunting vocal sound, quickly becoming a favorite.

Demonizer... Interesting without the drums, really strong on the vocals and the guitar work stands out even more, but that ok with no drums as the little band in my head fired up and filled in!

Forever Young... I dig this song, very early Iron Maiden type of riff , progressive yet it hits you in the chest. .. Sorry Freeze, I haven`t paid much attention to the vocals yet as the guitar work is distracting me!!.

Now the Artwork... Pure genius, Picaso or Hemingway, the influence is undeniable ( ok Guido?) The different era of guitars really  was a good idea for this tribute.
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