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TOPIC: Priest Trial & Contracts
[tasnam1] Tuesday, June 23, 2009 9:35:33 PM 
OK not trying to stamp out the Scott is great run, but that was not the intent of my original question.

I think Scott is the BEST drummer in the world and I do not want him to leave the band either, so no need to continue down this path.

The intent was, why was Dave Holland or Les Binks not at the trial.  I do NOT have much legal experience but would guess that both of them were contractors and not vested members.

Someone posted that Les may not have had money, trust me that is not the reason.  They sued the band as a unit and not personally.  I bet my monet Dave and Les were NOT legal members.

As far as Scott is concerned, my hope is that he is a vested member with voting rights, but perhaps he is not.

As would also guess that Tim Owens was not a Vested member.
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