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TOPIC: Priest Trial & Contracts
[tasnam1] Monday, June 22, 2009 10:56:06 PM 


I know this is a 'Who Cares' question, but I'll throw it out;

The Trial in Denver seemed to be missing Dave Holland.   Why?  He was a member of the band.

Obviously he was NOT a member when the album was recorded, so I would assume perhaps that is why he did not have to be present.

But if that was the case shouldn't Les Binks have been called?   He was a member at the time of recording.

Which brings me to my next point, if Les Binks wqas not called perhaps it was because he was a 'contractor' or NON-Vested member of the band.
Maybe Dave Holland was a contractor as well and NON-Vested member all along.

Question #2 - Do you think Scott Travis is a contractor or is he a Vested member?

Thoughts on all of the above?


I know, I know who cares about this past crap.......

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