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[guitardude] Monday, June 22, 2009 5:19:19 PM 
OK, here is part of my review of Forged Steel, so far, I have only listened to tracks 1-7, I give them the test thru the home stereo, car, and thru headphones.
Judas Rising.. very good, true guitar tones with extra bite
Hot Rockin.. one of my personal favorites, had me from the start of the song, jammed my ass off, obviously, I liked it.
Hell Patrol.. Sharp guitar tones and accurate without being a clone, again, I liked it.
Eat me Alive.. Another personal fav, and again, great guitar tones
Jawbreaker.. The solo with the delays was just so damn good, excellent job MM
Between the Hammer and the Anvil.. Sharp and precise, good emotional delivery with the vocals
Wheels of Fire.. now here we go, the distinct tone between the guitar tracks kicked ass, and the driving bass guitar was just over the top, if only Ian could be pushed up in the mix like that!!!!

This is such a fitting tribute without being an exact duplicate, so many times a band butchers the songs they are trying to pay tribute to, not here, just kick ass songs done by a group of fans. Well Done guys!!

I`ll get back with you in a few days after i`ve listened to the rest of the tracks.
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