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[ron h] Friday, June 19, 2009 12:21:06 PM 
Mike, Phil, Jim, Rick, Johnn and Doug...what can I say!!!!!  I am now on my second listen of Forged Steel and I couldn't be happier!!!   Not having listened to Raw Steel, I wasn't sure what to expect.  As soon as Judas Rising started, I got chills down my spine!!! played your ass off on every song, man.  I had no idea how well you played.  I've heard a lot of Priest covers in my time, and you by far outplayed every one of them.  What you did on The Rage was unfuc&inbelievable!!!  
Jim and Doug...Too bad you both can't be on at the same time,  You guys didn't miss a beat.  From Never Satisfied to Demonizer, you were balls on!!!
Mike...can you hit some notes or what!!!  You sang your ass of as well.  I couldn't help but sense you had a lot of fun singing Delivering The Goods (especially)!!  I'm sure they were all fun to do, but that particular recording had a groove to it that you seemed to pick up on and it just flowed naturaly through you.
Johnn and Rick...You're vocals compliment Mike and the music perfectly!!  Johnns' bass work was dead on as well!!

I could add a lot more to this, and will as others get the chance to post their comment's, but I don't want to be a spoiler here!!!

I need to say this about one of the unsung heroes here...Guido!!!  What a fantastic design to to the cover and back sleeve!!!  It's such a classic look with a modern feel to it...outstanding job, man!!!  I want to say more about this as well, but not yet!!! nailed it!!!!

Well...this is all I have to say about it for now...I can't wait to hear what some of you other's have to say about it!!!!

Also...I got two copies so I can give one to my daughter and I noticed a very noticeable difference between the two.  I'm not gonna reveal the difference yet as I want to see if other's who recieved two or more copies have anything different on their's as well (it has nothing to do with the CD itself or the recording's on it).  Someone who only recieved one could tell, as it is obvious, but I'm hoping that my copy is the only one like it...........

Awesome job guys and I can't believe anyone else could say anything different...THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!   
Edited at: Friday, June 19, 2009 12:32:13 PM
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