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[Deep Freeze] Tuesday, June 16, 2009 7:58:38 AM 
Well have you heard any good news today, today?? I wanna hear what you have to say! Wait til I get to the count of three, then tell me all the good news you have for me!!... ONE ....TWO......THREE!!!!!!!
THE NEW ALBUM HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am holding it in my wrinkled, old fingers as we speak!!!!!!! What a remarkable piece of art this thing is!! GOOD LORD!!!!!! I mean, I am not all that sure the music is as good as the art!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously!!  I do believe it is time to make a little annouoncement. For those of you that do not know or have not already figured it out,  the artwork was done IN IT'S ENTIRETY by our own Mr. Guidogodoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to tell you, this is just as good as ANY other CD I have ever purchased and these suckers are FREE!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A true Tribute to our beloved Metal Gods!!!!

I know it has been a LONG wait and I thank you all for your patience. We are finally ready to release! I have a bunch of current orders to fill and I am sure more are on the way! Once you hear this thing, you will be glad you held on! HA!!!!!!!! I really cannot thank guido enough for his effort. This thing is amazing! I will start putting them together today and, depending on how long THAT takes, I can begin shipping today or tomorrow! I honestly want this thing out to you all as quickly as is humanly possible!

I am looking forward to the reviews! I am fairly confident that you are going to love this album!!!! I will give a shout-out now to MM and Metallark for their awesome work on this, as I will to everyone that made this happen!!! What a long, strange trip its been..............
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