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[paorcamp] Sunday, June 14, 2009 11:45:53 PM 
it's a shame what real madrid turned into...everything was perfect until they decided buying david beckham...It was a lot of money they paid for a terrible player...the worst ever...and besides they fired vicente del bosque, fernando hierro left the team too, they sold makelele, and because beckham cried he didn't wanted to play if it was not the right side of the field they left figo go to the internazionale...that was stupid...our almost perfect team started to fall into they've been trying to get back to what they once were...but it is not going to happen...zidane was the last player of that great team, and since he retired our team started to sink...fortunately my favorite team ever is Manchester United...but I also love real madrid and I don't like what has been happening with that team during the last 10 years
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