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TOPIC: Do you want at least a couple of Nostra. shows?
[ron h] Sunday, June 14, 2009 10:19:55 AM 
Maybe do shows in New York, Chicago and somewhere in California...I'm sure fans who love the Nos would flock in droves if only 3 shows in the States...maybe a couple in Canada, one in Mexico and one in Brazil...7 total shows in North and South America...and maybe a few elswhere...they could do it all in a matter of a month and a half tops and be done with it...would love a live DVD as suggested earlier as well...then get back to making Metal...I agree that time is wasting with this British Steel tour and this live release coming out (though I feel I will be disappointed with it as I was with Rising in the East or whatever it's called)...I am more than ready for new Priest's been 4+ years since I've had any!!!  And this from a guy who really does like and enjoy Nostradamus...but time is a wasting!!!
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