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TOPIC: 1 year ago today since we first heard Nostradamus
[Electric_Eye] Thursday, June 11, 2009 8:56:23 AM 
While I give Priest credit for the time and dedication that was put into creating Nostradamus  --I just did not like it.  It is for me the most disappointing album that my favorite heavy metal band has ever put out.  Back in 2005 I was elated when Angel of Retribution came out.  It had been 15 years since a Rob Halford-lead Judas Priest had put out a studio album and to give you an idea of how much I liked it  --at the end of 2005 most of the tracks from AOR had the highest play count on my iPod that year.

As for Nostradamus, the pace of the album for me just doesn't cut it.  I like to listen to music while working out and just found myself skipping over too many tracks that i just didn't like.  Again, A for effort, but low marks for end result.  I cringed when I heard the tour would include a complete rendition of the album live  --fortunately for me that tour didn't stop in Atlanta because I would not have gone and that would have just not felt right  --sitting at home while the Priest was in town.

Now here in 2009 Priest will be here in part touring to celebrate the 30th anniversary of British Steel --and playing that great album in it's entirety.  I cannot tell you how stoked I am to hear 'Steeler' and 'Rage' live.  I love this band  --have since I first heard them  --and I've enjoyed just about everything they have put out (minus the Ripper years) during their long and stellar career of waving the heavy metal banner.  So it pains me to be critical of something the band put a lot of effort and energy in to produce  --but critical of Nostradamus I am.  I had an uneasy feeling when I first heard about a concept album of the life and times of Nostradamus  --and unfortunately, IMHO anyway, my fears were realized.  

Looking forward to seeing the Priest in 2009 @ Verizon Wireless Encore Park in Alpharetta GA!
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