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TOPIC: Your latest Priest purchase
[spapad] Monday, June 08, 2009 9:49:52 PM 
While I fail to understand why my favorite shoes in the world (Chucks)  have yet to release a Judas Priest shoe or collection of shoes, since Glenn Tipton has worn Chucks for years beyond remembering!  I am not truely satisfied with the one and only substitute to replace a pair of JP chucks. I have custom ordered some and had them signed, see my profile for that shoe, but here is the only thing available to JP Chucks fans thus far! Damnit!

Decals you stick over your Chuck Label! Kinda lame, but they garrentee they will stay on until YOU take them off! 
I want genuine Chucks from the company with perhaps the flaming JP cross! I nice pair of yellow ones with the Hellion would be much appriciated! A pair with "Killing Machine" on the side with "Killing Machine" spelled down the side trim! and a big JP logo up the back stripe would be much, much appreciated!
I'm tired of all the other bands putting out Chucks left and right and YET! NO JP CHUCKS!!!!!!! Humm...........Maybe I should have put this in the pissed off thread?
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