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TOPIC: Suite or 1st few rows?
[esabadie1] Friday, June 05, 2009 3:43:17 PM 
OK, so last summer, I lived a dream and went first row/backstage passes for the Nostradamus show.  Got to meet my all-time heroes and had a top-5 day of my life.  So, they are coming back in a few months for the British Steel 30-year anniversary tour, and a co-worker has access to suite tickets, which are supposed to be stage level, but rear of arena.  Do I spend $65 for the suite ticket, or try my hand at ticketmaster in getting up front again?  None of my buddies are up for going front-5 rows with me, so I may be going solo.  I'm torn - suite with friends, or solo up front.  I'm leaning toward solo.  Thoughts??
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