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TOPIC: New live album
[DelivererofEvil] Saturday, May 30, 2009 5:19:14 PM 
here's my two pence:

I do NOT think this would be the greatest choice for a next release by the band. J.D.'s said it all already, and I'll extend it further:

We have Unleashed in the East. We have the Evening Star 7" (for Beyond the Realms of Death live). We have Priest...LIVE!.

We've got Electric Eye AND Rising In The East.

What do all of the above mentioned gather, besides being LIVE releases (or containing live material) from glorious masses of the Unholy Church of Iscariot and it's all mighty embassadors?

They all have the Sacrossaint Rob Halford roaring out the God's words in a perfect, rather Metal God-like voice.

2008 was NOT a good year for our Holy Priest Halford in terms of voice. I could hear that yesterday as I listened more carefully to the gig of March 17th. I'm sorry, it just wasn't. (What do you mean about them owing an apology to Ripper, what for?)

Now for the goo bit of news in here: TOM ALLON. HELL YEAH TOM ALLON!

Just... If they must, then let them get it out of their system, and let them KEEP Mr Allon for a new album. Once again, just my thoughts on this.

In nominus Iscariotis et HEAVY METAL,

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