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TOPIC: Judas Priest performing live
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Saturday, May 23, 2009 8:32:50 PM 
Don't believe everything you hear. It's true, some shows Rob's voice isn't perfect and I've heard a lot of complaining about it on other boards. But of the 3 shows I saw in 2005 and 2008, they kicked ass. In fact, Rob's voice was out of this world incredible when we saw them in a small venue in 2005! I wish I had a bootleg video of that show let me tell you! I've never heard them sound that good - they were ON FIRE! They blew the roof off the place! So judge for yourself and don't listen to the youtube stuff and think that's how they sound, because nothing can really capture the power of the Priest LIVE. I know they don't move around as much as they used to... but I'm still in awe of how awesome they sound live. And I've never believed that Rob had to be perfect in every show he ever does for the rest of his life - I think that is way too high a standard to place on anyone, even if he is THE METAL GOD.

Go see them before it's too late.... who knows how many tours they have left.
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