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TOPIC: Discuss Judas Priest Tours
[todd 9495] Friday, May 22, 2009 7:11:55 PM 
sorry, bluddy, the word "they" in my first sentence wasn't necessarily referring to the band or this website. it was referring to whoever is responsible for the mess that i described.

another reason i'm so pissed off about the whole 'buying concert tickets' runaround is this: the first dates announced for this tour did not include any shows near my home (Lancaster PA). the closest was the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ, which i was reluctantly willing to travel to in order to see JP, even though everything i saw on the net said that venue sucks with a capital "S".

well, i waited and waited and there was no mention of the holmdel show on TM or the venue's site, even though the shows immediately before AND after were already listed on TM and on sale.

LUCKILY, the second round of shows (including merriweather post in MD) was announced before the holmdel tickets went on sale!! had i bought tickets to that shithole PNC center in holmdel, and then 'they' announced a closer better venue, i would have been ROYALLY PISSED OFF!

ALL DATES should be announced at the same time, period. i dont' wanna hear "that's the way the music industry operates" excuses. MAKE IT HAPPEN. the whole process is utter bullshit, and THE FANS are the ones being screwed.

in the past 25 years, concert ticket prices have risen 1000%!! and what have the fans gotten for all that extra money? ticketbastard, ticket brokers, and the end of 'first come-first served' ticket availabilty for the best seats. everybody involved in the process is getting rich and the fans are getting shit on.
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