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TOPIC: The Next Judas Preist Album
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Wednesday, May 20, 2009 10:47:47 AM 
I hope that Priest puts out another hardcore metal album next. I think they will to show EVERYONE that they still have it and can still do it better than anyone else!

I think their history shows that after something isn't accepted the way that they hoped, they go back in the studio and give the fans EXACTLY what they want. After Point of Entry, they came back with Screaming, after Turbo/Ram It Down (which was supposed to be a double disc set) they gave us Painkiller. I think we are in for an incredible album!

As for the new live album they are releasing in July, I can't wait! Halford's Live Insurrection was pieced together from multiple shows and I thought it was done VERY well. From what I read from people, Rob's voice in some of these shows in 2005 & 2008 was not his best. I can tell you that when we saw them in 2005 in a small venue at the Soaring Eagle Casino, his voice was dead on and his screams were the best I'd ever heard!! Cut right through you, it was incredible! So if they piece it together, we will get the absolute best version of each song, which I think is a GOOD thing.
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