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TOPIC: anyone have pets?
[joedraper] Sunday, May 17, 2009 2:09:25 PM 
Thanks Guido, I'll google right now. This is so out of hand that I'm willing to try anything! I personally think that Derek is upset that Craig is the Alpha Male of the house. For ages he would target Craig and go out of his way to antagonize him. E.G: He'd get up from my side of the bed, go to Craig's and pee on him whilst we were sleeping. He'd pee on anything that was Craig's. And then he comes inside, door open wide so he has no excuses and goes and dumps on Zakk's bed? He never does this to anything of mine or Zoey's. I mean, I think he's trained he just does this for some other reason that I cannot crack. Been to puppy training and getting advice from the vet and nothing has worked so far.. I really don't want to rehome him but.. Craig has a point, he's been more than patient with this dog.
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