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TOPIC: How would you feel about the setlist if...
[Screamin' Demon] Friday, May 15, 2009 3:22:41 AM 
They seem pretty reluctant to play a set with more heavy songs from this lineup. It comes off ironic considering that back in '89 they wanted to move in this direction, so why not make about half the setlist songs that represent the direction they wanted to go? There's plenty of great songs by this lineup which would be great to see more of in the set. That includes Painkiller, Hell Patrol, All Guns Blazing, Leather Rebel, Metal Meltdown, Night Crawler, Between The Hammer And The Anvil, One Shot At Glory, Judas Rising, Deal With The Devil, Demonizer, Wheels Of Fire, Hellrider, Death, Persecution and Nostradamus. Personally I would enjoy if some of these covered up to half the set. give your thoughts and opinions.
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