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[Deep Freeze] Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:13:45 AM 

Ok. I had originally decided NOT to make a comment but I see that one is really needed. 

First, JD has NOTHING to apologize for , as he was simply making a statement.  I appreciate his support. Next,  I think it is important for EVERYONE to be clear on something. I made an announcement regarding the completion of this album. I did NOT, EVER, say it was "all mine" or that no one else was involved or any of that crap. By Phil's own words he admits that he has no time for this recording and that is fine. There was NO reason for me to mention him or the other artists since I was NOT talking about the recording, I was talking about completing the production! More importantly, I am NOT  a three year old !  I am well aware of the members that participated in this recording and they will be properly credited ON the album. I do not need a motherly reminder.

As you all may have noticed, there is some animosity regarding this album.  That is terribly unfortunate. I know that I have a big ego. I admit it. I also have a very practical side and, MOST importantly, I hold friendship in the highest regard. I do not believe that berating one another or name-calling is an acceptable way to behave. EVERYONE on this Board and throughout the world has problems. No one is so special that they can say their problems are of greater importance than someone else's. No one's brand of suffering is more important than another's. Having problems is NO excuse for poor behavior towards friends. Period.

I made an announcement regarding the completion of this album. Had it not been for Johnn and myself, it would not have been done. We found the time.  We made the time. It did not put one dime in our bank accounts nor did we get a loaf of bread. In fact, it has cost me a lot of money. Money I gladly spent because it means something to me. Metallark and a friend of his stepped in and assisted and for that we are also VERY grateful. Without them, it would have been a few more weeks while we had another drummer complete the tracks. It has always been my intention to properly credit EVERYONE that made this album possible and I will do so.....WHEN THE TIME COMES. My earlier post was not that time.

As I have said MANY times, I care very much for my friends here on this site. I would never leave you. Not willingly, anyway. Friendship, its nuturing and its preservation are what really matter to me most.  Life happens. We deal with it. Most of the time, our problems are of our own doing. We control our future (to a degree). We make decisions. If they are not the right ones, that is our OWN fault. Fate takes its role. DEAL with it. I truly appreciate all of your support. While this will be the LAST Faithful Defenders album, I still think it will be the best. Certainly it will now be a "collector's item", no? HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited at: Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:15:55 AM
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