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TOPIC: Priest Feast Tour 2009
[ron h] Wednesday, May 13, 2009 6:55:52 PM 
Not according to the venues web site, just Whitesnake...won't matter anyhow...gonna schedule that Monday off work, get myself a nice buzz going...throw on some comfortable clothes and take Lake Shore Drive head'n north, which is an extremely beautiful drive near twi-light and on the ride home, it follows the lake shore from north to have the lit up city on one side and the beautiful lights reflecting off the lake on the other...hypnotic even...I'm not even gonna care, won't ruin my night one bit...hell, I almost feel as if I'm there right now!!!  If that shitty little band ruins my night, at age 42, then I didn't prepare myself properly for the show and I ought to just give up going to concerts all together 
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