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TOPIC: Priest Feast Tour 2009
[ron h] Wednesday, May 13, 2009 4:56:48 AM 
Well, I get the chance to see Priest July 19th, a Sunday night at 7pm...the venue is at Northerly Island, which I've never been to.  It use to be an airport for private planes 'til 9-11...after that, the Mayor of Chicago (Daley) decided it was a threat and had bulldozers 'X' out the runways...What I really think I'm going to like is that it will be a hot summer night and the island is on Lake Michigan, should be quite a view...I've heard that the sound and sightlines (for all seats) are excellent...tix are from $25 (lawn) to $99 for premium as well as $30 VIP parking...depending on traffic, it will be anywhere from a 15-30 min. problem...really looking forward to it!!!  Now if they would only put the tix up for sale!!!
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