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[Deep Freeze] Tuesday, May 12, 2009 9:18:27 PM 
ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is with tremendous pride and adulation that I make the following announcement!!!!!

As of 7:05 PST this evening, I received the FINAL track for the album!! That's right.....IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After six LONG months of waiting, I have the entire album ready for ripping, burning and final mixdown!!! I am SO friggin excited!! I cannot tell you how much it means to finally have this thing! I am currently listening to "Between the Hammer and the Anvil" and I must say, it sounds GRRRRREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OOOPS!! I am letting out the secrets!! HAAAA)

I must post my sincere thanks to our producer, Mr. Johnn Harbringer. You all do not know him but ...REMEMBER that name. I can PROMISE you that you will be hearing it quite a bit in the coming weeks and months. A truly talented gentleman.

Friends, I am VERY excited and VERY tired!!! This has been almost a full time job for me for a while now! I am spent!! I will get this out to UPS tomorrow so that the art people can do their thing. We are VERY close to enjoying this together!!! THANK YOU for all your patience! I truly hope you will not be disappointed. 

Good Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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