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TOPIC: The 2000s: an overwiev
[_strat_] Tuesday, May 12, 2009 4:24:00 AM 
Yup. I just had a thought. In a couple of months, the 2000s will be over. What will we remember it for? All other decades are remembered for something. 50s for early rock`n`roll, 60 for hippies and beatlemania, 70s for disco and hard rock, 80s for NWOBHM and pop, 90s for grunge...

IDK, I couldnt say that anything stood out in particular in this decade... At least as far as music is concerened its been a real drag. Possibly the best thing is that its been a time of resurecting old legends. Judas Priest with AOR and Nostradamus, Rolling Stones with A bigger bang, McCartney seems to be somewhat alive too.

The new things would be Dragonforce with Inhuman Rampage, and in the non-metal department, Green Day with American Idiot, and Franz Ferdinand... But aside from that, nothing that I would care for much.

Movies were good, tho, imo. Lord of the Rings, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Pirates of the Caribbean... 

The above is only what I liked, anyway... Anyone else? What will we remember the decade for?
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