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TOPIC: The Next Judas Preist Album
[B Dharma] Wednesday, May 06, 2009 5:26:07 PM 
 NOSTRADAMUS to me is  possibly PRIEST'S best album...

Sure it's not as fast or heavy as some of their previous material, but the depth and execution are brilliant. The song writing and instrumentation are also brilliant..  I can listen to songs like AWAKENING & REVELATIONS, SANDS OF TIME, PESTILENCE & PLAGUE, PEACE & CONQUEST, SOLITUDE & EXILED, and FUTURE OF MANKIND over and over..
 Great stuff especially Rob's vocals which are powerful and emotional.  Glen's solo in P&P might be his best..

Anyone who disagrees, try listening to it with the lights out when you're in bed ready to go to sleep..  Incredible album...

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