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TOPIC: anyone have pets?
[joedraper] Monday, May 04, 2009 3:46:40 PM 
Spa, what a beautiful dog and what a beautiful tribute to him! You have been so blessed to have had such wonderful pets in your life (we all are). They too are extremely blessed to have had someone as doting, loving and devoted as you to be their caregiver. Those pics with Flora are so heartwarming! Beautiful! The bond between your children and pets is so pure and beautiful. We had a siamese cat called Fiona and when Zakk was born, she just claimed him. She'd attack the other cats if they dared even look at him. She went everywhere he did. Slept with him, let him tug her tail, followed him outdoors when he played. I even have a pic somewhere of him lying next to her and it looks like she's nursing him lol.
Tragically, she was chased in front of a car by a menacing stray tom cat and she died pretty much on impact. I was totally distraught and although Zakk was too young to figure out death, he spoke about her for a few years after. I told him she had gone to away to live somewhere else and he seemed to accept it at the time. Now he's older (4) and he understands what it means when people and pets die. He grieves and understands that it happens.

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