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TOPIC: + Introductions [New Members post here]
[guidogodoy] Monday, April 27, 2009 8:17:09 PM 
HAA! I actually got kicked out by a little girl at that show for jumping seats. I was in row 11, had given a free tix to some lucky soul in the parking lot meaning that he was sitting next to us. Damn guy wouldn't shut the hell up!

All the unused industry seats were pissing me off and this guy blabbing in my ear got me and my little brother jumping to get as close as possible. After the third time being caught, we were ushered out. No biggie as it was Living After Midnight. Throwaway song to an old Priest fanatic like me. Still funny, though. This little girl had such a stranglehold (baby) on my wrist like I was going to run or something. Very funny scene.
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