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[Deep Freeze] Monday, April 27, 2009 4:17:25 PM 
Well now. Another discussion on this topic? Always good for a stirring debate, to be sure!  At least we are not boring around here....HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dying. Death. Dead. Always good for a theory or ten. I guess it is just our nature to be fearful and/or fascinated by the unknown.  Mankind has always had a morbid fascination with death.  I really think it is about not knowing what awaits. That is kind of a natural reaction. I mean, by nature we want to live. We have gone so far as to create invisible men in the sky that will "save" us from death! HA!!!!!!!! People just don't want it to end, man.

I suppose you're right in that we cannot go ask someone what it is like. Dead people tend to be rather "tight-lipped" about that kind of thing! I lean more towards a belief that there is FAR more in the universe that we do not understand than we as humans even realize.  Now, I do not subscribe to the notion that another man (invisible or otherwise) is going to be able to change my fate but energy and physical laws are much more complicated than we even know!  I cannot sit here today and say that death is absolutely the end but I cannot refute it, either! Part of my agnostic side, I suppose. All things we simply cannot know.

I guess the greater question would be, does it frighten you? Clearly, it does a vast majority of people. Strange, but I have always taken a more practical approach to death. We all know it is coming. We can do nothing to change it. Certainly believing in deities or all-powerful beings gives comfort to those that do fear. In the end though, we ALL get to find out just who is right!  HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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