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TOPIC: Death or Visions?
[Screamin' Demon] Friday, April 24, 2009 7:17:28 AM 
Looking at Nostradamus, I took a look at the best two songs off the album under the criteria that they aren't drowned in symphony or synth or any kinda crap as such. Prophecy was the other one which had the same criteria but obviously it isn't that great as the first two. So, which song hits you harder? Death or Visions? Death is one of the all time greatest doom metal songs, the more evil twin of Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath the song. It is without doubt a must play song in regards to a 'Priest setlist in concert. It is a great metal step forward for the band. Visions on the other hand, is testament of the band's still endless capacity to make hard rock based songs. Visions is a very groovy song, great both on drums and especially guitar despite its slow moving pace. It's a song that really makes your heart beat high in optimism and almost makes you induce all the erotic love feelings you've experienced in your life in a split second. So, which do you see as the better? I will vote for Visions, and may this be heard live on the next US tour.
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