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TOPIC: Computer Problems
[devils_child] Monday, April 06, 2009 9:21:17 PM 
Right as i suspected my computer has crashed..... Eh! I'm using the computer at the library to type this. I had a virus sneak in on me yesterday morning whilst on the board. I ran spybot and my anti-virus which i thought would catch the problem. It found a load of problems, removed them. I restarted my computer and the problem was still there. I'm going to have to wait until i get some cash either this week or next so i can pay for my hired computer geek. Hopefully i won't have to wait too long.

I will try and get down to the library later in the week to try and keep some sort of touch with the board. Anyways! I will miss talking to you guys... But don't worry.... I SHALL RETURN!!! Mwahaha!!
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