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TOPIC: Since British Steel will be played on US tour.....
[DelivererofEvil] Friday, March 27, 2009 3:39:16 PM 
People, there are several reasons why doing a British Steel tour is a better idea than pulling off a Nostradamus tour.

1- British Steel is one of the indisputable classics, EVEN though it isn't (and by far in my opinion) their best album.

2- A tour of Nostradamus, and here I'll speak for Europe, would be a flop because general interest to see the whole album played live (as in, a Priest show with no classics and no Painkiller) is well below encouraging.

3- While Rocka Rolla is a great record, Rob can't reach half the songs he sang in there anymore, my friends, and we have to accept it. And singing Run of the Mill without thoser god like screeches at the end would be murdering a fine masterpiece in my opinion.

4- On the same note as the previous point, British Steel is WAY easier to sing overall, and is more adaptable to Rob's current voice. Besides, it's an album that'll have the crowd singing along, and then there'll still be time to put in something else from the classics and even a couple of tunes off Nostradamus!

That said, I think the Nostradamus tour will be delayed ad aeternum. Some dreams are just meant to be dreams, I am a huge fan of the album but I have to admit it wouldn't do them any good to insist on touring the whole of it.
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