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TOPIC: Priest... live recorded when and where?
[Eternal Betrayer] Tuesday, March 24, 2009 5:51:14 PM 
According to Wikipedia the two venues used during the recording of Priest...Live! were the Omni, Atlanta, Georgia 15 June 1986 & the Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas on 27 June 1986, although I don't know what particular songs were taken from which shows.

The DVD/Video release of the same title was apparently taken entirely from the Dallas show though.

I have listened to both CD & DVD versions, and there are some differences - most notably the overdubbed backing vocals on Out In The Cold are missing on the DVD version, and also the remixed motorcycle intro to Freewheel Burning is in it's proper place on the DVD also (at the start of Hell Bent For Leather).

Obviously, there are a few extra songs on the DVD version too. Locked In, Desert Plains, The Green Manilishi, and Hell Bent For Leather. While, for some reason (timing?) Metal Gods has been cut altogether from the main set, and placed over the end credits.

It's a shame also, that Victim Of Changes, which was played on the Turbo tour, never got any inclusion or release on the Remasters or Metalogy box set either.

Anyway, I'm sure somebody else out there can enlighten us further.  
Edited at: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 6:06:03 PM
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